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We are Team of Experienced Software Engineers working remotely since 2004

It was a pleasure to work with Mateusz who proved himself not only to be a very good Ruby on Rails developer but also having an eye on the architecture and the quality of the source code. He is also qualified to lead a developer team and tease out the best of his team. Jana Koch, Head of IT, Autohaus24 GmbH
One of the best programmers I've worked with. For the rate can't be beat.
Tomek and Jacek collaborated with us on one of our most challenging projects. They delivered great service, contributing their expertise in Ruby, SQL, JavaScript, jQuery and other related technologies (...)
  • Mateusz Juraszek

    Mateusz Juraszek

    team leader

    Mateusz is internal driven problem solver. He has managed to work in many countries on many projects to experience and learn best practices.

    LinkedIn Mateusz Juraszek - github
  • Jacek Becela

    Jacek Becela

    backend developer

    Jacek is a Rails Core Contributor. He has years of experience working remotely and delivering high quality code. Beyond Ruby he finds Clojure very inspiring.

    Jacek Becela - github
  • Maciej Jarczok

    Maciej Jarczok

    frontend developer

    Vector and raster graphic expert with strong experience in HTML5/CSS3. Working in Ruby environment for years.

    Maciej Jarczok - github

We've enjoyed working on:

  • Tiramizoo